We are engineers who solve problems

Guidance. Planning. Execution. Delivery.


We help organizations large and small to overcome their biggest technical challenges.

Our services include both upstream guidance and planning as well as downstream execution and delivery. We are engineers who solve problems, and as such we are technology-agnostic: we choose the right tools for the job. We are skilled in a variety of technology stacks in order to adapt to our clients’ needs.

We complement our clients’ teams.

Industries & Approach

We’ve been building technology in healthcare-related verticals for the past 25 years. Working on challenging technical projects that contribute to improved healthcare outcomes for people receiving care is meaningful and motivating for us. Within healthcare, we have worked on projects in Revenue Cycle Management; Claims Management; Electronic Health Records; Federal Government; and Occupational Health.

Sometimes our clients are sophisticated Fortune 500 technical organizations who know exactly what they need from us. Other times we act as the CTO and delivery team for a startup with no technical expertise. Either way, we are grounded in agile software development principles. We are firm believers in the idea that good Product Ownership is the number one factor leading to success in software development, thus our approach is not just providing technical talent to execute on the work, but also coaching our clients on how to structure the work, or providing that expertise ourselves.

Clients Served