We love to see people, teams, and organizations succeed.


We care about individuals and humankind. That’s why we invest in talent and love to push people to do their best work. That’s also why we’ve given colleagues help when they’ve encountered personal crises. It’s why we’ve paid for surgeries people couldn’t afford. It’s why we’ve funded capital improvements and arts projects to improve the communities we live and work in. It’s why we've closed the office to attend colleagues' weddings. It's why when business fluctuates, we've prioritized people over profits. Have some of these decisions hurt our bottom line? Yes. Would we make the same decisions again? Absolutely.


If you’ve ever experienced the excitement that comes from being part a high-functioning team, you’ll understand why we include teams here. Trust. Accountability. Purpose. Self-confidence. These are all part of that exhilaration, but the whole is more than the sum of its parts.  Great teams can get you through the tough times and can unlock greater potential than a group of individual contributors ever will.


We admit that the organization we most want to see succeed is our own. But we’ll quickly acknowledge that we can’t win unless our clients also succeed. There’s no way around this symbiotic relationship. Fortunately, we also genuinely love to see our partners have breakthroughs in top-line growth, innovation or even efficiency. You score, we dance.