We’ve invested in machine learning for a long time, in anticipation of this moment.
— Sundar Pichai, Google CEO

This moment (right now) that Sundar is talking about is the latest evolution in computing.  Google has announced they are now an AI-first company and AI is being infused into every Google product and service. Andrew Ng, co-founder of Google Brain, says, "AI is the new electricity."

30% of early AI adopters in a recent McKinsey survey reported in Harvard Business Review (HBR) say they've achieved revenue increases, and early AI adopters are 3.5x more likely to say they expect to grow their profit margin more than their industry peers. 

Are you ready to invest in AI? You don't have to go it alone. OSI has in-house resources with deep expertise in AI. Whether you need a custom AI-enabled solution or you want to integrate with TensorFlow, we can help you grow your top-line with AI.


Natural Language Processing (NLP).  Image intelligence.  Neural networks.  Fuzzy logic.  Expert systems.  Enterprise integrations.  We have experts who have seen it, built it, integrated it, done it.  Numerous times, numerous industries.  Give more to your customers and get more out of them.  Capture new customers.  We will use our proprietary AI platform to enable your existing enterprise system to unlock new top-line growth opportunities or we will build a complete AI-enabled enterprise system from scratch to get you there.  We love your growth.


TensorFlow.  Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit.  Stanford NLP.  Deep Learning.  Data reduction.  Pre- and Post-Processing.  AI platforms are becoming commonplace, but knowing which one will best suit your needs isn't. Sometimes it's best to use an off-the-shelf platform, sometimes it's best to combine our AI with an existing platform.  We've used them all so we know how pick the best one or combination for your business.  You score, we dance.