• Crafting Software development by building products with the right technologies for your project

Programming languages and frameworks

When it comes to modern software development, the choice of programming languages and frameworks is growing tremendously. This can make choosing the most suitable technology for your project a daunting task. What we at OSI do is make sure that we build your project with the technologies that best suit your business need in the long run while ensuring you a modern and highly efficient software solution.

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Infrastructure & DevOps

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The ultimate goal of DevOps is eliminating the barriers between development and operation teams so software can be developed faster, more efficiently, and maximum error-free. Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment ( CI/CD) are the fundamental cornerstones of the DevOps model and leveraging these concepts can help you deliver your next project rapidly with improved collaboration, ensuring high level of security and reliability. This is an essential segment of what we are doing in DevOps and our ultimate aim and result are to automate a huge part of the process, guarantee code promotion and a robust multi-environment build setup.

Take immediate advantage of OSI extensive DevOps process & expertise and start innovating for customers faster, adapt to changing markets better, and grow more efficient at driving business results.


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Database Solutions

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How data is aggregated, analyzed and interpreted is the key for success in businesses today. Huge volumes of data are generated within a minute from a variety of sources and for enterprises to utilize the right data and gain insights at the right time, robust database solutions need to be in place.  Over the years, OSI has successfully designed and developed database solutions, which help organizations to make better decisions in real time and ultimately grow their business. Our main focus is on:

  • Database design and development
  • Database administration and maintenance
  • Data integration solutions
  • Reporting solutions

Machine Learning

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Collecting large volumes of data is no use unless you put it to work. Transform your data into business-changing insights with OSI data science expertise.

We can help you utilize our data science expertise to harness the power of Machine Learning technologies by analyzing your data so you will improve your customer experience, make more informed decisions faster, streamline your business and strengthen your digital security.

  • NLP: sentiment analysis, entity extraction, summary creation
  • Image recognition and classification: automated quality and or security checks, pattern recognition
  • Data analysis: scorecard models, risk assessments, marketing propensity models, trend predictions, inventory optimizations
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Headquartered in Utah, the US and with an office in Sofia, Bulgaria, one of the booming digital capitals of Europe — we are in a unique position to address the increasingly diverse software needs of our clients.