Get an instant visualization of your data with OSI Tailwind NLP Explorer. Based on Stanford NLP and Princeton WordNet machine learning modules, it enables you to easily load and process data points, giving you a detailed output for your use case. Great for linguists, data scientists and hobbyists in the field.

Tailwind NLP Explorer for Stanford NLP

Run texts through the NLP model, examine and visualize the tokens and nodes generated, as well as the NER and sentiment analysis results. All with Tailwind Core NLP.

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Tailwind NLP Explorer for WordNet

Analyze a piece of text using the WordNet lexical database. It also features a direct interface to the database, complete with the ability to examine and drill-down through the semantic relationships of a word.

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Share your experience with Tailwind NLP Explorer

Download the Alpha version of Tailwind NLP Explorer for free and jumpstart in the world of computational linguistics now. Whether you are a linguist, data scientist or hobbyist, fascinated by the applications of natural language processing to digital humanities and computational social sciences, have a go with Tailwind and see what it can do for you.

This is just a small dot of what we plan to develop Tailwind NLP Explorer into. We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas to continuously work on the product to best address your needs, so feel free to share your experience with us.