What’s the single best way to organize your meetings?


Whiteboards give you and your team an instant and visual overview of the discussion. Whiteboards can effectively double your teams’ productivity.

Can whiteboards become even better?

ScrumBob: Meetings redefined

ScrumBob makes your whiteboards digital, giving you tons of great features:

  • Perfect visibility on multiple screens:

Yes, the whiteboard can be visible on the central screen/TV and this doesn’t stop here: all team members can easily access and view it with no limits on their devices, platforms or locations. You just need ScrumBob installed and you are ready to go!

  • Display, organize or edit ScrumBob in real time:

No more waiting around for one person to sit down all the way across the room or fetch a marker. Do it super easy and fast from the comfort of your working place.

  • Reliable history:

All your meetings’ notes are secure and versioned. You’ll be able to revisit them or continue where you’ve left off on 2 months ago.

  • Robust searching

Find any note at any time really quickly.

  • Permission control

Your team’s notes are for your team only. No one else can even see them.

  • Hashtags

Twitter proved that hashtags are the best way to find information. ScrumBob has them, too and they help you awesomely when searching within your whiteboards!

Organize Your Team’s Work

There’s a ton of organizational software out there, so why pick ScrumBob?

ScrumBob is the only solution that enables you to organize your work your way, giving you the beauty and huge effectiveness of simplicity and easy management.

Your team should define your processes, not the other way around. And that is exactly the core driver behind the creation of ScrumBob.

Make a giant KanBan board or group your tasks in the form of a star. It is your choice, your team and your whiteboard, do what best suits your needs.

And it becomes even better!

ScrumBob powerful organizational skills are not limited only to the work space.

ScrumBob can be your personal notebook. Easily create a shopping board and add all the items you need to buy. Share the list with others and they can also do the grocery shopping. It is that simple.

ScrumBob isin it’s early days and we have amazing plans to make it even greater. Download it and test for free and you are more than welcome to share with us any ideas that will make ScrumBob the best digital whiteboard tool for your team.

CTA: Contact Us with all the great feedback you have for ScrumBob