Here's a quick sampling of some of the enterprise and A.I. solutions we've provided over the years.


Image Intelligence

Our image modeling software simplifies the purchasing process for home buyers by identifying and suggesting preferred homes. Based on proprietary machine learning algorithms, the model will reduce the amount of time spent by both agents and homeowners who typically have to sift through countless ads. The software, wrapped by an API, can be called by any other service.


Application Workflow System

Fluid is an insurance application management system which simplifies the application workflow for professional liability brokers and their customers. Its intuitive design and workflow shortcuts allow brokers to focus on growing their business as opposed to muddling through their data.

I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with. They helped me not only with my technical needs, but to think strategically about the solution we built together.
— Jeff Hirst, Fluid Workflows, Inc.


Med Management System

Organizing daily meds into routines for patients and caregivers in skilled nursing facilities is a difficult task that often requires inordinate amounts of time tracking down adverse interactions and reconciling the list. The system integrates with other third-party systems via API calls which pull all the data immediately into a central place.