How can OSI help me with my Enterprise Software needs?

Technologies, tools, languages, and systems are constantly evolving. Coupled with our lean process optimizations incorporated into all of our development teams, we deliver modern software dependably. We have lots of experience providing cloud-based solutions, integrating third-party systems, and upgrading legacy applications. What we're most passionate about is providing products and services that focus on increasing our client's revenue, growing their customer base, and providing opportunities previously unattainable.


Web Solutions

We have deep experience with PHP, .Net, Java, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, JavaScript, Angular, React, and many, many third party libraries and solutions. We advocate modular design using SOLID architecture so that as systems and applications evolve we can easily replace pieces and improve the system without wholesale rewrites.


Integrating your components and various systems together with third parties can be difficult. Similarly, upgrading your system piece by piece requires careful planning and often data conversion and management. We have extensive experience integrating systems together and providing a plan for a cohesive solution that impacts users in a positive way. When Web Services (APIs) are needed, we use REST. When portions of an ecosystem need to be swapped out or upgraded, our experts will help your existing team identify the gaps, define the process for migration, and put together a team to implement the design.