• Our core values are deeply embedded in everything we do, from building products, to delivering experiences that last and bring value, to attracting talent.

We are firm believers in the life-work balance and that’s why we want you to feel truly comfortable, nicely challenged and happy in and out of work.

Freely express yourself with professional opportunities in a multinational company. We have a team that constantly inspire and enable people to confidently explore business opportunities by building the best possible software products.

There is pretty much no chance you will ever be hungry at our office. Home-made food from our great colleagues is a regular thing in the kitchen. In any other case, monthly food vouchers and fully stocked kitchen with fruit and healthy snacks is in place.

Be healthy and safe with our additional health and dentalcare insurance. Enjoy hundreds of sports activities with a free multisport card or sports vouchers of your choice.

Get some pampering right in the office. Free massages to help you relax and recharge throughout the day.

Never stop learning. Knowledge is power and we fully encourage you to grow yourself as an individual and a professional. Take advantage of our exclusive training budget and attend any course or event you like throughout the year.

Remote and flexible working time are common thing in IT. Remote and flexible working time at OSI takes it to a whole new level. Do it at your preference, you only need your laptop and a good wi-fi connection.

Why We Do It? We Care!

We care about our customers, we care about each other, and we care about building great software

We admit that the organization we most want to see succeed is our own. But we’ll quickly acknowledge that we can’t win unless our clients win. There’s no way around this symbiotic relationship. Fortunately, we genuinely love to see our partners have breakthroughs in top-line growth, innovation and efficiency.


If you’ve ever experienced the excitement that comes from being part of a high-functioning team, you’ll understand why people matter. Trust. Accountability. Purpose. Self-confidence. These are all part of that exhilaration, but the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Great teams can get you through the tough times and can unlock greater potential than a group of individual contributors ever will.


We care about individuals and humankind. That’s why we invest in talent and push people to do their best work. That’s also why we have given colleagues help when they’ve encountered personal tough times; paid for surgeries people couldn’t afford; funded capital improvements and arts projects to improve our communities; and closed the office to attend colleagues’ weddings.


We care about the code that we write. We take pride in it. We constantly try to improve on it. We adopt best practices when they suit us. We geek out over data and make it work for us. We are not afraid to try the latest & greatest and to support the last year’s. We are ready to make mistakes and learn from them. We know that building great software requires a lot from us and we are wholeheartedly committed to it.

Join The Team

What Our Teammates Say About Us
  • ‘The best thing about OSI is the people. I am amazed at the talent, the friendliness, the openness and the capability of everyone at OSI and very proud to be a member of this great tribe.’

    - Cheryl Holloman, Administrator
  • ‘In OSI, I am able to work with many different and new technologies and greatly expand my own expertise. I also very much enjoy the freedom to make my work-life balance nearly perfect while working here. The various interesting projects give me the opportunity to go beyond what I’ve known so far and to venture into new fields which I never thought I’d get into. Overall, I’d always recommend OSI as a place to work at, as well as if anyone needs a project done – the people here really know what they’re doing.’

    - Konstantin Severi, Software Developer
  • ‘I feel happy to work in OSI because my input is appreciated and I’m given the opportunity to make decision where applicable and to have responsibility over the result of them.
    I feel proud to be a part of a team, that is putting client interest higher than written requirement. A team that is willing to work with our client to understand the need they have and provide the best solution to that need.’

    - Alexandra Vassileva-Balevska, Chapter Lead

We are always on the look out and excited to hear from all the great people out there who are passionate about what they do and want to work with equally passionate and great colleagues, share knowledge and achieve success together, help companies build software that exceeds their own expectations. If all this speaks to your heart, then this is your place and we would love to hear from you! Simply reach out to us with your CV in English and anything else you are proud of at jobs@objectsystems.com or see our open positions here.